15 June 2006

Great Moments In Other Blogs' Comment Sections (Yet Another Example)

A comment left in the comments for this post from Gizmodo.

This is a good thing. I think poor folk would like rich folk better if they acted more James Bond villian-ian, buying houses with underground caves and submarines, and less Paris Hilton-ian - buying larger versions of regular stuff with diamonds glued to it.

anyways, half-baked attempts at taking over the world are cute - a tiny dog stuffed in a tiny purse is not.

a large dog stuffed into a tiny purse might be.

by drewheyman on 06/14/06 05:28 PM

All I can add is, what he said (especially the large dog in a tiny purse bit, I'd love to see some Hiltonesque type person pull that one off)

(and if I could spare the funds, yes, I'd probably buy one of those ships, and build an underwater lair for plotting nefarious nogoodness, too)


Pastor_Jeff said...

Don't forget the personal manta-ray watercraft for your stooges to pilot when lifting nukes off downed jets or firing harpoon guns at British agents.

Man, what happened to that world? That's the one I want to live in.

So, when choosing a lair, would you go with false volcano, underwater, offshore oil rig, Kentucky horse farm, underground Cuban satellite installation, small private island, mountaintop Greek monastery, space station, Vegas resort/casino, or what?

XWL said...

I'd be all Thunderball/Howard Hughes with it.

Or mix two together, buy the Mirage and make my lair in the false volcano there.

Pastor_Jeff said...

I could see that. Definitely.

I think I lean more towards an entire Caribbean island, myself. With an underground lair. And flamethrowing tanks.

SippicanCottage said...

My Uncle was a mason(retired now). He built his home in the early sixties. Two car garage. One door had a ramp down under the house. He had a bomb shelter down there. He had a drilled well for water in there too.

I was six. My Uncle was Batman.