30 June 2006

Great Moments In MY OWN Blog's Comment Section

Reacting to this post regarding the confluence of my own and Ken Jennings' hippie hatred, Pastor Jeff has this to say
Pastor_Jeff said...

Count me in the Cartman Club with you and Ken.

My solution? I think the humane thing to do is let them have that piece of land out west, wherever they hold Burning Man, and make them all live there on a reservation. If they think "the man" is ruining everything, they can try their hands at communal living on their own land. If we could inter the Japanese in WWII, why not the hippies? They're certainly a greater threat to America.

That's my modest proposal.

8:27 AM

I'm willing to hazard a guess and suggest that Pastor Jeff's congregation isn't affiliated in any way with the folks running this particular website.

I blame Martin Luther, myself, for sites like that one (and love the old school design of the place, takes me all the way back to 1998, woohoo!). But for him (with assistance from Guttenburg), most all Christians would still be Roman Catholic (with the others being Eastern Orthodox, their schism predates Luther's schism).

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Just to clarify -

I wasn't aware of the folks at Hippie Christian. They seem pretty sincere about trying to follow Jesus and bring love, peace, and joy to others. Jesus was a pretty counter-cultural guy (though not, I'm pretty sure, an actual hippie). Those hippies I can like.

I can even handle the Giggling Stoner Hippies if they keep to themselves.

The ones we have to be concerned about are the College-Know-It-All Hippies. They will destroy society if given a chance.