25 May 2006

Number Fifteen

I'm number fifteen on the list for this Yahoo Search.

I haven't clicked on the images link for that search, some things are better left unseen.

(I should choose my language with more care in the future, I guess)


Icepick said...

Which reminded me that I had been meaning to do a search on my own (real) name to see if or where I turn up. Not until number 21, and then not again, as best I can tell. But there are an awful lot of other guys with my name, doing all kinds of weird stuff. Nothing as weird as the search you got caught in. Man, that's messed up.

reader_iam said...

Oh, but you must click on the images list.

Really. I did. There was one image. It was an absolute non sequitur. Although, being that I'm unhip, there might be some deeper symbolic meaning that I'm missing.

Perhaps you catch such a thing.

(The title of the pic, btw, has the word mangled in it, but don't let that scare you.

As for the search results, it serves you right, Mr. Alba-Drooler.

XWL said...

My appreciation of Ms. Alba is purely based on her merits and artistry as an actor.

And I don't drool.

(occaisonally I may pant, but not wetly)

reader_iam said...

"Her merits": Isn't that what I just implied?

A dry panter, eh? Sure as hell won't go there.