27 April 2006

Why I'd Gay Marry James Lileks If Both of Us Were Gay

As we ate I noticed three new patrons, all in their mid-20s: a very attractive African-American woman, model slim without the hauteur; a good-looking trim Asian guy with wrap-around sunglasses, and a grinning handsome Caucausian with a soul patch and a knit cap. My God, it’s a royalty-free stock photo come to life! Really: they looked like the people you see on a website for some new useless internet service, grinning toothily at the camera. Or secret agents from a “Mission: Impossible” movie. They all wore leather jackets, too.

Swear to God: after they’d finished eating they walked, laughing, to the parking lot, hopped on three low-slung motorcycles, and roared off. If I’d seen all three in a McDonald’s commercial, I would have thought it nonsense, but here they were. Maybe this was a commercial. Maybe McDonald’s paid them to roam the country and administer Hip in small piquant slices.

Me, I’m wiping caramel off my kid’s face. And that’s fine.

The rest of the McDonalds related ramblings are also top notch, follow the link and enjoy.

And speaking of gay, he includes a snap of 'GOOD FRIENDS' cereal (the high fiber cereal for lesbians, by lesbians)

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