27 April 2006

That's Commitment

Bill at So Quoted takes the Haiku Thursday idea seriously.

He requests commenters on his site to follow the suggested form, and promises that his posts will be in that form as well.

My suggestions was solely aimed at forcing the White House Press Corp to be more succinct and creative and wasn't intended to encompass everyone.

And speaking of Haiku, more than you ever intended to learn about them is included in this article by Jane Reichhold, this bit I especially like

In my early years of haiku writing, I easily accepted the prevalent credo being espoused on how to write haiku. This was, sometimes implied and occasionally expressed, as being: if the author's mind/heart was correctly aligned in the "proper" attitude, while experiencing a so-called "haiku moment", one merely had to report on the experience to have a darn-good haiku.

One reason for rejoicing in the acceptance of this view, was that it by-passed the old 5-7-5 barrier crisis. This was certainly a plus for the whole 70s haiku scene as there seemed a danger of the entire movement bogging down in fights, arguments and broken friendships.

Those Haiku Wars were fierce. The Sabi forces fired off their paper crane origami in mad fusillades, while the Yugen group fired off a furious barrage of non sequiturs. It's rumored that there are some soldiers holed up in caves in tiny islands in the South Pacific waiting to attack, crafting new devastating haiku in the style of their faction to lay waste to the opposition.

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bill said...

Sabi don't know shit
Yugen is King of the world
What am I saying?