01 February 2006

What's the Japanese word for 'Girlfriendless'?

I guess Gen-X nostalgia looks pretty pathetic in any culture.

I can say this since I am in my mid thirties and have no action figures of any kind in my house.

Not all my peers can say the same.

(of course if they were selling a really nice new functioning remote control Mach V, then I'd be right there with those girlfriendless aging otaku, this one doesn't count, too cheaply made, the 1:18 scale diecast replica, with plastic ChimChim on the other hand. . . )


Icepick said...

Dude, I'm in my late thorties, and I've got, I think, four action figures in the house. I got all of them in my thirties, and I believe my wife bought all of them for me. Being girlfriendless when you have a wife is a good thing!

XWL said...

But, does your wife have ulterior motives?

By feeding your geekhood she insures that no other female would be attracted to you.

Or alternately, she loves you and knows what you like and this is so sweet and nice that I better check my insulin levels.

Icepick said...

More kindness than the other thing. She's told me that if I try to leave her, she'll kill me. That keeps me in line.

Ah, love....

benning said...

I'm just 50, not a Gen-Xer, and I remember Speed Racer from my own childhood. Get yer infantile mitts offen my stuff! Getcher own stuff! Punk kid!


*I think the Japanese for girlfriendless is No-gotno-noo-key*