01 February 2006

More Bad Ideas in Southern Nevada

I seem to be trying to help the folks in Southern Nevada avert certain disaster today.

I think they'll listen about the Riverview planned community as the article linked cited reservations about placing a community there.

But reading this news about a possible Rolling Stone Casino, (warning pic at link, the most famous Rolling Stone cover ever, you've been warned) my first thought was that they better make sure these can negotiate the casino floor readily.

Of course no one went broke catering to boomer vanity, so maybe this will be successful.

And speaking of casinos, Hooters Casino opens this week, just in time for Superbowl XL.

I'm nonplussed. Once you've had my father's chicken wings, no others will do, plus I'm not a fan of implants, also visiting that casino would mean being surrounded by the sort of folks who find the idea of a Hooters Casino attractive, and well maybe I have a bit of a coastal elitist snob in me afterall.

(Though Santa Monica has its very own Hooters (which I've never tried, no really, I haven't, and no I am NOT protesting TOO much)

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