08 February 2006

Looney Tunes and the Cartoon Conflagration

Naturally some Looney Tune imagery has popped up when discussing the 'cartoon conflagration' (my coinage (I think) fits better than 'row' or 'war' given the incendiary (literally) nature of many protests, plus bonus points for alliteration).

There is a cartoon like quality to the outrage (tip o' the cap to Instapundit).

These folks are a bit Daffy.

They are about as subtle as Pepe Le Pew.

They show as much sense as the Tasmanian Devil.

And in the long run, they'll be as effective as Wile E. Coyote.

(Out of respect for their faith, no references to he that shall not be named, were made in this post)

(needless disclaimer, the folks I am deriding and comparing to Looney Tunes, are a small minority within the Muslim faith. However, it is long past time for all the other Muslims to denounce, deride, and disown the fringe within their faith without prodding from the outside. It's your faith being destroyed by the crazies, own up to the problems and fix them before things get really ugly)

And lest you think I was done, something about this whole mess, really Bugs me.

One last dig, this is one Islamic idea of moderation:

The Muslim leader strongly denounced the violent protests in some Muslim countries over the cartoons crisis, urging Muslims to vent their anger in a civilized way.

“We can never condone the burning of embassies and public properties as a way to protest the cartoons,” Samha said.

“This is a repugnant crime and a grisly act that badly affected our cause as we are accused now of inciting such attacks.”

He said dialogue is the one and only way to defuse the crisis, not violence.

“We embarked on our tour and explained to Muslim scholars and leaders in Egypt our position and tackled the issue in a civilized and a calm way,” he said.

“If we really had added fuel to the fire as claimed by some Danish newspapers, we would have heard about shootings, killings or violent protests in Egypt."

The violent protests took place in the countries which the Danish Muslim delegation did not visit.

Muslims protesting against the cartoons set fire to the Danish consulate in Beirut Sunday after Syrian protesters had done the same with the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus a day earlier.

Muslim scholars, organizations and leaders were united Sunday in condemning the violent attacks against the embassies.

“Some people, who have nothing to do with Islam, have jumped on the bandwagon to achieve personal gains,” he said.

Pundits say that some regimes in the Muslim world have tried to make capital of the crisis by stepping up its campaigns against the cartoons and making several press statements over the issue to outweigh the rising Islamist groups.

On the way out of the current crisis, Samha said Muslim leaders are pressing now for an international resolution criminalizing blasphemy “and will continue with our peaceful dialogue with our government.”

Samha is the Danish cleric (and according to many reports affiliated with the radical Muslim Brotherhood) who helped fuel this whole thing, after the 'peaceful protest, blah, blah, blah' boilerplate his real intent is revealed in that last quote. An international resolution criminalizing blasphemy. Somehow I'm sure the Protocols of Zion crap wouldn't be considered blasphemy, just historic speculation.

This is an attempt to use the current practice of western liberalism against itself. Especially the modern PC manifestations of trying to avoid offending anyone. Some people deserve being offended. Offense should be considered not only a right, but at times a solemn duty in the defense of liberty.

Time will show who was standing with liberty and who was standing aside while others attacked liberty.

Ridiculing those that pervert a faith is not ridiculing that faith, and even ridiculing the faith itself must be considered within the rights of those who do not adhere to that faith. Any faith that can't stand that sort of external criticism is deeply troubled.

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