18 January 2006

Yet another reason to be jealous of 'The Man'

'The Man' Prof. Glenn 'Instapundit' Reynolds reads a book and likes it. What's his next thought?

'Fetch me that author, I wish to interview him/her'.

If it wasn't bad enough that he's got a sweet law professor's gig, a beautiful wife (just see my blurb for the Dr. Helen link), a smart daughter, now he's doing this podcasting thing and given the exposure he can have thoughts like above and make them come true.

Lucky Bastard.

(By lucky, I mean hard working. By bastard, I mean smart enough to indulge his curiosities and talented enough for them to lead somewhere)

It's also An Army of Davids (at least I'm assuming, book's not out yet) moment where if he chooses he can do an occaisonal Oprah style book event and create a moment where a multitude of ants can move the Amazon.

fine print notice
(This is the most baldface blatant attempt yet at immodest proposals to create a wished for instalanche. If this fails to garner an instalanche it's due to Prof. Reynolds superior wisdom, however if this succeeds in garnering the wished for instalanche it will be due to Prof. Reynolds superior sense of humor and innate graciousness)

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