13 January 2006

Not Surprised at ALL

"There's a lot of misinformation around about Al Jazeera," said Marash, noting that contrary to a perception held by some, the network has never broadcast a beheading. "I think what irritates the Bush administration is that Al Jazeera is better sourced than anybody among America's adversaries in the Middle East."

As an Arab network, he said, Al Jazeera "has the point of view of that culture."

The English-language Al Jazeera International, he said, will be "specifically global and diverse in its point of view."

Yes, allow me to translate, 'English-language Al Jazeera International will only be punctuated by the refrain 'DEATH TO ISRAEL' every 7th story instead of every 3rd story'.

Interestingly, he admits in the quote that he is working for America's 'adversary'.

Report and quote from today's L.A. Times. (I hate linking them or the NYT cause the links disappear behind a subscription firewall after a few weeks).

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