13 January 2006

Local News

Two local stories today have caught my eye.

First "Six people received minor injuries Friday when an escalator malfunctioned at the North Hollywood Red Line Station during rush hour." I'm sorry, that just sounds so ridiculous. Getting hurt on a escalator malfunction. The next line almost would have to be, 'and the passengers waited for hours until someone told them that they could just walk up the damn stairs'. (and to clarify 6 people had to be rushed to the hospital in ambulances at the scene with unspecified 'neck and back injuries' that in later reports turned out to be minor to non-existent, folks just can't help but go Larry H. Parker when something like this happens)

Second "A man who fell off his boat and spent about five hours in the ocean before being rescued by his own brother said the experience was a "wake-up call" that may lead him to change his entire life." Something about this story smells rotten. There is an air of 'truthiness' to the whole tale (watch the video at link). Too many convenient miracles and the gentleman's condition along with his general demeanor at the press conference doesn't quite match up with the facts as presented. IF it's a true tale of survival and bad luck turning into good luck then wonderful, if this is a attention grabbing hoax, I hope he gets charged with a felony and expected to pay the costs of the search and rescue that happened due to this incident.

So what conclusion do you draw? (I know, I know, that XWL lacks compassion, and is too cynical)

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