19 January 2006

I'd find that depressing, too.

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Asked about rumors that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may be remaking "Butch Cassidy," Redford said he finds that "depressing."
A couple of thoughts come to mind. Who wouldn't be depressed if they found out Affleck were going to be remaking a film that you previously had done (though presumably Affleck would be the Newman character).

Also, will Hollywood resist the urge to make the implicit homoeroticism from the first picture into a more explicit part of the narrative?

Inside the studio meeting:

Exec A: "We've got notes saying that this Brokeback thing is through the roof, any Westerns in the pipeline that we can 'GAY' up a little?"

Underling B: "We'll Affleck/Damon are talking about remaking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I remember thinking the original was pretty gay already"

Exec A: "Perfect, OK, let's make them lovers then"

Underling B: "Yeah, it'll make their jump from the cliff that much more poignant."

Exec A: "I'm thinking we're gonna have to change that, too downbeat, too Thelma & Louise"

Underling B: "Whatever you say boss" (he utters aloud while he feels that last vestige of soul that was clinging inside his heart waft away from his body to the place where the souls of the Hollywood underlings go after being exposed to the tremendous expulsive field emanating from the Execs)

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reader_iam said...

Hollywood: "A place which embraces the delusion that everything can be improved upon."