20 January 2006

Hugh Hewitt wants to be your stud

It isn't an overthrow of the old media of course, but another example of the supplanting of the dinosaurs that can occur whenever the bloggers and other new media get interested in a story. MSM are sort of plow horses now, dutifully going about their boring jobs, and getting just about as much respect as an old mare in a field of thoroughbreds.
The ending of his post regarding the leadership battle amongst the GOP, which so far, has been responsive to, and seeking advice from, the conservative/libertarian blogosphere. The breeding metaphor might be apt. The 'thoroughbreds' amongst bloggers aren't going to look to 'old media' mares to breed anymore (and by hooking up with old media, accusations of gelding might be apt), but instead they'll search for the type of free running, fast fillies that will produce offspring that can surpass both parents. The question is who are these fillies/mares? And what social changes will the subsequent foals cause?

Now compare and contrast his pithy musings to the banality and dismissiveness (even derisiveness) exhibited by the Washington Post article revolving around the same subject
Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), who is running for majority whip as a proponent of change, lamented that more people are talking about conservative commentator Neil Boortz's best-selling book on changing the tax code than about changing Washington. "The question is, is this a climate where an actual reform candidate could be elected to a leadership position?" Wamp asked. An initial pulse-taking of voters suggests that the answer is no, he and others said.
So, according to the Washington Post, there's nothing to see here, move along people, it's business as usual. Are they reporting on reality? Or, are they hoping to define reality?

Reform is picking up steam, and a movement afoot to recognize the national importance of each representative seems to be taking hold of the Republican party. If these recent scandals can help end earmarks, pork barrel politics, and undue parochialism (some parochialism is desirable, after all each rep. is supposed to represent his/her district first) then something good will have came from it. Also it would seem that the Republican leadership is having any 'circle the wagons' type campaign hampered by the blogosphere so they may see the writing on the wall and strongly discourage any 'tainted' candidates from seeking re-election by threatening full backing of primary challenges, thus allowing Republicans to be 'reform' candidates for the general election come November.

And speaking of breeding sheds, I'm available . . . . .

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Icepick said...

"Hugh Hewitt wants to be your stud"? This so soon after Siamese DD Ladyboys. What on earth is going on in your life WXL?