23 January 2006

Excellent, Eh

Perusing CSPAN's schedule I noticed they will be broadcasting Canadian election results tonight (starting at 6:30pm PST/9:30 EST).

I am such a total geek that I thought, cool, I know what I'll be watching tonight.

Sad, sad, sad.

Links, Links, Links.

From an interested, yet not the best educated on the subject, outside observer, Canada would seem to be dealing with a similar Red/Blue Province divide as experienced here. The leader of the Conservatives has Western Canadian roots which the Liberals have desperately tried to exploit in hopes to stir sentiment in Ontario and Quebec, we'll see if that was effective.

Also should the polls be correct it will be interesting to see if Harper commits troops to Iraq. President Bush might schedule a state visit soon (or he may not if he feels that a perception of too close ties to the United States could be politically damaging for a new Conservative plurality or majority), and if not the President, Sec. Rice will certainly be seen figure skating in the Saddledome during a state visit.

Here's to one less socialist paradise in the world (at least temporarily, a large chunk of Canadians would seem to be congenitally addicted to huge government nanny-statism, once the memories of the scandals fade, unless the Conservatives bring great prosperity, expect a lurch back leftward).

The really hard choice, to toast the Conservative's victory with Molson or Labatt?

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Icepick said...

Canadian poliics? You've been reduced to Canadian politics?


I don't know you anymore....