23 January 2006

Bright and Shiny

So, Channel 18 (KSCI) locally has added Mahjong Fortune to the line-up (at 5pm).

According to the blurb on the channel's website
Mahjong Fortune, one of the highest rated game shows in Taiwan, is a Chinese-version of “Wheel of Fortune.” Fast, witty, and funny, Mahjong Fortune is full of surprises. This phenomenal game show from Star TV airs exclusively on LA 18 in the U.S.

If I actually knew what was going on or understood a lick of Mandarin, I probably would be bored by the show, but because I'm completely clueless it's just about the most compelling thing on television.

And bright and shiny is my short hand for describing any distraction that draws away attention from something that should be more engaging or useful but for whatever reason isn't as compelling as a bright and shiny object.

This show is exceedingly bright and shiny.


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