26 September 2010

Your Daily Five Photos (There's One in Every Crowd Edition)

Been awhile, just haven't been shutterbuggery* lately. Wandered downtown to see the scene at this year's GLOW.

The art was crap, but there were people out and about, so decided to take my camera and take some snaps. Wanted to have reasonable shutter speeds, so went with high ISO (1600), shots are a bit 'noisy', but that doesn't effect the composition, or overall feel. The biggest problem was shooting with only those ghastly sodium street lamps for lighting.

The reason I call this set, "There's One in Every Crowd", is simple, seems like in every shot there is one person, and only one person, looking straight at the camera. Strange how that works, my favorite is the guy waving in the shot taken of the pier.

*note (if homosexuality had been more socially permissible during the early 1900s, I think SHUTTERBUGGERY would have been an awesome choice for the name of a gay lifestyle/photo enthusiast monthly magazine)


Anonymous said...
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dbp said...

I think there is actually two guys looking at the camera in the last shot: The guy in dark clothes on the right and a guy on the left, with a light shirt and leaning against something.

It is funny though. Had you not pointed it out, I wouldn't have noticed anybody looking at the camera in any of the shots.