08 September 2010

NFL 2010: Win Total Predictions NFC East

Thursday kicks off the new season of the true 'Greatest Show on Earth', that's right, NFL Football! All odds taken from Vegasinsider.com (opening line).

NFC East ought to be the most competitive division in the NFL, with three good teams, and one team capable being good, but most likely being pretty crappy. Matching up with the NFC North and the AFC South means this division has about the toughest schedule in the NFL this year. Should be three teams at 10-6 or 9-7 and one at 6-10 when the dust settles.

Dallas Cowboys (Win total 10.0) UNDER!
Plenty of talent, and they've had pretty good regular seasons the past few years, then screwed up post seasons, maybe this is the year they underacheive in the regular season and excel in the playoffs. This is a 9-7 team, no better, no worse.

New York Giants (Win total 8.5) OVER!
They should challenge Washington for the division crown, 10-6 ought to be about right for this squad. Hopefully their new digs will help come late season as Eli Manning is a horrible QB in the wind, and even though there's no roof, it's much more enclosed so the swirling winds won't screw up their passing attack.

Philadelpia Eagles (Win total 8.0) UNDER!
Kolb might be great, and might make them forget all about McNabb, or not. Probably not, this team is ready to fall off a cliff, and the legendary late game mismanagement by their coaching staff will cost them a few games and any shot at the playoffs this season. 6-10 seems about right for the Iggles.

Washington Redskin (Win total 8.0) OVER!
Shanahan is back in the league, and the 'Skins should be back as a contender. The Haynesworth crap has me a bit worried, though, maybe Shanahan is the wrong kind of coach for modern players and this team will fall apart quickly. This is a team that could do anything from 6-10 to 11-5, I'm leaning towards seeing them as at 11-5, but hard to know until they actually line up in real games. A motivated McNabb in a system he's well suited for, should produce solid offensive production, it's the defense that will put this team forward, or hold them back. I'm picking over, but this isn't a very confident pick.

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