30 August 2010

Your Daily Five Photos (DANCE, DANCE, DANCE Edition)

Salsa music, makes you want to move. Well, it makes some people want to move. The percentage of people who listened without moving was vastly greater than the people who listened and moved, but that might have more to do with self consciousness, lack of partners, and wanting not to give up a good seat, rather than lack of desire to do some tail feather shaking.

The music was a surprise, forgot that they've been doing a Latin Sounds series all summer at LACMA on Saturdays. The last one is this Saturday if you're in the area.

Tried to take some video, but the mic on the Nikon D5000 is terrible for this sort of thing, and the 5 min limit per clip meant that none of the songs were captured in their entirety, so nothing came out worth uploading.

Have to mic stuff separately, and sync in post if I ever want to use that camera for that purpose.

Had this camera for over a year, still haven't found many good use cases for video, lack of autofocus, the rolling shutter distortions, poor mic, and limited recording time per take all conspire to make this camera a poor choice for event video.

In a studio set up, controlling for variables, you can capture some great looking stuff given the choice of lenses, but so far, I haven't had the need for that sort of thing. For shooting stills, though, this camera has amazing versatility. You can control just about every variable as carefully as you'd desire, or you can put it on auto mode and turn it into a bulky point and shoot, and the lenses available for Nikon cameras take amazing images.

Easy enough to keep a Flip Video or Kodak Zi8 type pocketcam tucked away in my camera bag, as well as my 'real' camera, though, if video was important to me, personally, for whatever reason, I've gravitated more towards stills, and haven't figured out compelling uses for video.

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