02 April 2010

Your Daily Photo (Go Lakers and Things You Might Also See at the Obama Library Edition)


Hopefully, Pres. Obama's future museum will have a few of these on display as well (he's already received one signed ball from the LA Lakers, why not a few more?).


Trooper York said...

Looks like they should win again. I just hope the Knicks don't screw up the free agent signing process. Even if they have to wait till next year. Don't sign guys just for the sake of signing them.

Trooper York said...

The Knicks were invited to the White House because one of the point guards is great friends with Obama's "Body Man" who I think is named Reggie Love or something like that.

Could he be the child of Reggie Theus and Bob Love?

You never know.

Anyway most of them didn't want to go. Hee.

Trooper York said...

The one good thing is that with 96 teams the Knicks might make the NCAA's tournament next year.

XWL said...

Yeah, can't really complain about the Lakers having a 2-3 road trip when you have Knicks fans hanging about.

They're still dreaming their LeBron dreams, though, so if they manage to convince him and Wade to play together at the Garden, they might be relavent again.