18 April 2010

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 18 April 10)

Hello Everybody! It's time for a weekly recap of some stuff that managed to avoid wrongness. Let the effulgence of aintwrongness cleanse your soul.

Eyjafjallajokull, You Ain't Wrong, for spewing your ejecta all over the European continent. It's good from time to time, for nature to remind humanity exactly which is which's bitch.

Nick Clegg, You Ain't Wrong, for whooping ass and taking names during the first ever presidential style debate enjoyed by the British electorate. Should this lead to a hung parliament, or a Labour victory, it'll probably be a bad thing for Britons in the long run, but in the short term, having the party leaders, and by extension the parties, realize that they need to be responsive to their constituencies is a good thing.

Amanda Flowers, You Ain't Wrong, for ummmm, your condition. You are wrong for whinging about it, I'm sure there's a way to monetize it, so just think outside of the box, so to speak.

John Dvorak, You Ain't Wrong, the efforts by the likes of Sen. John Kerry won't advance real Net Neutrality, but instead is just a powergrab and an attempt to bring back the 'fairness doctrine'.

Jerusalem Post Editorial Staff, You Ain't Wrong, the Obama Administration isn't your friend (though not quite an enemy). Your nation celebrated its 62nd Independence Day this past week, and the dangers faced by Israel are as grave as they've ever been.

Flickr Blog, You Ain't Wrong, for highlighting some very nice Cherry Blossom Time photos.

Victor Davis Hanson, You Ain't Wrong, Obama's actual goals are just a crap sandwich culled from decades of failed liberal policy agendas.

Wu Yulu, You Ain't Wrong, for building yourself a rickshaw pulling robot. Your bewigged massage-bot, on the other hand, that sucker's just plain creepy...

Natalie Tran of communitychannel fame, You Ain't Wrong, film hackers are ridiculous.

All you smelly ass hipster doofuses out in Indio, You Ain't Wrong, for listening to a phenomenal amount of great music this weekend, but I still hate you. If I were aged 25-35, I'd probably make Coachella an annual trek, but at my advanced age, it doesn't have the same appeal that the festivals of my youth did (the music is still appealing, but not the 'festival' atmosphere).

Neil Armstrong, You Ain't Wrong, President Obama's recently announced redirection of NASA sucks, and is politically motivated, not based on science or engineering. NASA has problems, Obama's plan won't fix them.

Americans, You Ain't Wrong, for gathering all over the country on Tax Day and voicing your displeasure with the massive debts being run up by the current White House. It may take decades to reverse what Obama is attempting to accomplish in his four short years. The active pushback will mitigate the trouble the Obama Admistration can cause. Keep it up.

That's plenty of Aint Wrongness out there, aintwrongness spans the globe, but even with all the aintwrongness out there, Anti Aint Wrongness still asserts its nastiness like an irritation in a place you can't itch in public. This week's exemplar of antiaintwrongness is none other than The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, and his pissy dismissal of the rising tide of public resentment at his attempt to saddle future generations with mounds and mounds of endless debt. Keep it up through November, the people will remember, and reward you and your party by sending a good chunk of your congressional allies out of their cushy jobs and on to their plush tushies.

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