04 April 2010

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 04 April 10)

You Ain't Wrong was a feature at this blog, early on, long ago dropped away, but is being resurrected today, and will be featured subsequent Sundays for the forseeable future.

For those who don't remember 'You Ain't Wrong', it's a collection of links to people around the web who exhibited exemplary aintwrongness during the week that was. Aintwrongness isn't just a mangling of the English language, it's also a way of life. Aintwrongness is doing your thing, while not impeding other folks ability to do their thing. Aintwrongness is recognizing when you might be trending towards douchiness and altering course away from douchebagdom. Aintwrongness isn't exclusively American, but more often than not, the American people are the most aintwrong people on this globe.

On to the aintwrongness...

M. Simon at Power and Control, You Ain't Wrong, obama's recently announced plan regarding expanding drilling is all smoke, mirrors, and half-truths. That he can get away with this nonsense due to a compliant and uncritical media is the antithesis of aintwrongness.

Dr. Helen Smith, You Ain't Wrong, questioning the wisdom of some social conservatives panicky attitude towards pornography. Free speech must protect speech you dislike as well as speech you like. Pornography is speech (when it's not outright obscene), and must be protected. I think Smith is on to something when she suspects that the real issue is controlling male sexuality. Any activity can become a wedge between partners in a weak relationship, just as healthy relationships have room for each partner to have quality 'alone time', even if that alone time involves questionable activities such as knitting, reading Dan Brown novels, or 'self-abuse' while watching videos of otherwise naked people pleasing each other while wearing animal masks (hey, don't judge).

Hortense at Jezebel, You Ain't Wrong, expressing disapproval at celebrities who claim afflictions they don't actually have. Realizing Moby and Miley Cyrus are both idiots in their own special ways doesn't take great insight, but it's a notion that deserves expressing, nevertheless.

The Bird and The Bee, You Ain't Wrong, in releasing your surprisingly fantastic exploration of the Hall and Oates songbook. Above is a very pregnant Inara George, along with the rest of The Bird and The Bee, performing with a 'special guest' from a month ago at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles (and if you want to help a blogger out, when you buy this album, buy it through the link on this page).

Professor Bainbridge, You Ain't Wrong, in highlighting the awesomeness that is Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear. Automotive media done right.

Speaking of Jeremy Clarkson, You Ain't Wrong, on applauding the joint operation of nuclear subs by France and Britain. Here's an excerpt to convince you to click the link:
There’s another reason it’s important for the navy to maintain its fleet of boomers. Having a nuclear submarine in your arsenal is what makes a country important. Take that away and what is Britain left with? A lot of potholes, a health system that doesn’t work and a bunch of political leaders who have to make after-dinner speeches to make ends meet. We’d have to be twinned with Ethiopia.

The villagers of Vrontados, You Ain't Wrong, nothing says Easter like pyrotechnics!

Netflix users, You Ain't Wrong, if you stream Metropolis (2001 Anime version, not a remake of the Fritz Lang thing). It's beautiful, it has a decent story, and the English dub isn't too annoying. Recently available for streaming, if you haven't seen it before, indulge yourself and enjoy. And for those that picked up the iPad and the Netflix app, go ahead and use this as the movie you test watching films on that device you Apple fanatics are all in love with at the moment.

Lovers of kickass images, You Ain't Wrong, if you check out this Flickr Blog post of people launching stuff.

Victor Davis Hanson, You Ain't Wrong, when you hold the Obama Administration's feet to the fire. Read the whole thing, but here's VDH's close:
In any isolated circumstance, we are willing to give the president of the United States a pass on a particular disturbing decision. But after 14 months of them, the Obama particulars add up to a remaking of America that is now clear and consistent: Grow government; redistribute income; establish permanent political constituencies of dependents; increase entitlements; hike taxes; demonize “them” while deifying their supposed victims; seek global neutrality abroad; and always play fast and loose with the truth.

I think that's a sufficient amount of aintwrongness for this reborn You Ain't Wrong post. But there was also another feature to these posts that also gets reborn this week. As there is a north and south pole, as there is black, and there is white, as there is Yin and Yang, there is aintwrongness and antiaintwrongness. As you'd expect, antiaintwrongness is the state of being that exemplifies all that is opposite of aintwrongness. Now I know some may quibble and suggest that it would be simpler to call it 'wrong' or 'wrongness', but I posit that antiaintwrongness is different from mere wrongness in that it isn't just the state of wrongness, but it's also the state of being in opposition to all that is aintwrong. You can be aintwrong without being right, just as you can be wrong without being antiaintwrong, but there are those moments when stupidity, stubornness, and general assholery leads to the state of antiaintwrongness, and when those moments happen, I'll be here to point them out.

For the re-inaugural edition of AntiAintWrongness this week, I feel compelled to go after our dear leader, President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama exemplifies the epitome of AntiAintWrongness when he let loose with a 17 minute response to a simple statement by a citizen when she complained that she felt she was 'over-taxed'. If that's not a moment that goes into the AntiAintWrong Hall of Fame, then there shouldn't be an AintAintWrong Hall of Fame. Also, Anne Kornblut at WaPo's 44 blog, you get an antiaintwrong within an antiaintwrong for your attempt to give the President a pass for his extreme douchebaginess. Kudos for reporting it, but a slap on the wrist for doing every journalist trick in the book to try and downplay just what a remarkably out of touch, tetchy, and thin-skinned jerk the President revealed himself as being (once again) with his rambling 17 minute 2500+ word diatribe.

Hope you enjoyed me getting type-y for a change. It's been awhile, I plan on more posts where the words outweigh the pictures hereabouts, but you'll still be getting your daily doses of Photos and LOLObamas. And as the week develops feel free to drop links in the comments as suggestions for the aintwrongness that will get recapped on April 11th.

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