06 March 2010

Your Daily Photo (I Blame Gizmodo Edition)


So, over at Gizmodo, they have an interesting Shooting Challenge this week. Above, a bull stares at the awesomeness of a velvet paisley jacket while a broken cigarette lighter mutely reflects (and refracts) by the light of a single stinky (cherry and mulberry scented, as bad as it sounds) candle. Below, that shot along with 53 others all lit by a single candle (except for the first two, where I forgot I had my TV on in the room) in a Flickr slideshow for your perusal. I've got till 6pm Sunday to pick one to submit as an entry into this week's challenge. Vote in the comments, or if you prefer, silently judge my efforts without giving me any feedback, the choice is yours.

1 comment:

bill said...

My favorite is the bull staring at the jacket