20 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 20 March 2010


Enjoy your weekend, even as President Obama and Speaker Pelosi do everything in their power to screw it up.

For those too lazy to blow-up and flip the photo to see what the President's Weekend Agenda is, here it is:

1. Convince fellow Democrats to leap off the HCR cliff with me
2. Decry insurance companies while at the same time giving them a huge windfall by mandating health coverage
3. Invoke Karl Rove, that's always a good way to sell a Democratic proposal...
4. Bracket's already busted (damn you G'town!), screw up everyone else's NCAA Tourney viewing plans
5. Sanctimoniously lecture fellow Dems, ignore the GOP, and definitely ignore tens of thousands of citizens protesting our reform efforts.
Someone is getting screwed this weekend, either Obama/Pelosi are going to look like ineffectual lefties and screw up their self-perception, legacy, and support on the left, or they get things passed, and they're going to institute a massively unfair, mostly unpopular, and inevitably mismanaged and far more costly direction in health coverage, screwing Americans and our economy for years to come.

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