17 February 2010

Your Daily Photo (Is That a Ball of Bees in Your Backyard, or Are You Just Happy to See Me? Edition)


Gladly, taken with my zoom lens, would not want to be too close to that swarm. Watching them come in the backyard and pick a place to build their hive was an impressive sight, but one best viewed at a safe remove through a window. Once they were engaged in hive building, I felt pretty safe taking pictures, but given that they chose the upper limbs of my loquat tree to build, they're a good 20-30 feet away in the pictures I snapped.

Waiting for Vector Control to take care of the situation.

According to the vector control webpage, 80% of honey bees in LA County are Africanized, so probably best to get that hive out of here, given their propensity for aggressively defending their territory.

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