18 February 2010

Your Daily Photo (Beepocalypse II, The Vacuuming Edition)

A special 'moving' photo edition of Daily Photo. Los Angeles County West Vector Control District sent out a representative with a bee suit and a reverse leaf blower to vacuum the bees out of the tree. Didn't shoot the scene of him working, no good vantage point to shoot from where I could have been protected from the bees he was stirring up as he was collecting them.

As this video shows, there are still a good number of bees hanging around, but doesn't look like enough to form a hive, and the vector control dude said this weekend's rains should disperse (or kill) the rest of the stragglers.

Also, shooting fully zoomed shots at 200mm with my telephoto lens is not conducive to providing steady handheld video, especially shooting a subject at a high angle like that.

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