11 February 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 11 February 2010



Trooper York said...

Dude you are killing me with these. They are tremendous. I don't have the balls to do them though.

I think you might be on a list man.

Trooper York said...

Watch what you say on your cell. That's how they got Stringer and Avon.

XWL said...

I'm sure President Obama and the Chicagoland Gangsters he's surrounded himself in the White House all have wonderful senses of humor and take these silly little captions in the joking way they are given.

Plus, if they ever assert I don't have a right to do these the way I do them and post them over at Flickr, I will grab a roomful of lawyers and have some really fun times.

Only have to take care around big black GMC trucks when walking (lest I get "Treachered"). But, luckily since I live in L.A., walking is rarely an option, and the number of scary black SUVs driven by government agencies are a lot less frequent than in DC.

Also, I hate talking on the phone, so they can tap my cel all they want, they won't get much.