02 February 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 02 February 2010


From my Flickr description for this photo:
President Barack Obama meets with Masoud Barzani, President of Iraq Kurdistan Region, in the Oval Office, Jan. 25, 2010. Pres. Obama was doing everything he could to improve relations between the United States and the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan, but he had to respectfully shoot down Pres. Barzani's theme park dreams.

Who knows, maybe Pres. Obama is too dismissive of the idea of a Disneyland in Arbil. Nobody thought a Disney park outside of Paris would be successful, and after a tough decade in the 90s, that place is now considered a success, so maybe a Disneyland Arbil might become the most popular attraction in the region by 2030 or so . . .

(besides, it's not up to Obama if Disney breaks ground in Arbil, that decision is more Bob Iger's to make, anyway)

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