25 January 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 25 January 2010


Who'd a thunk that Pres. Obama's own words (reportedly, second-hand) would be worthy of an LOL caption?

Folks, this is getting way too easy, these LOL Obamas are practically writing themselves.

The degree of LOL-worthiness depends on how badly DEMs do in the '10 midterm election. I suspect that statement may end up being extremely LOL-worthy if current trends continue.

(Here's a link to a Politico piece on the original Arkansas Daily Gazette article that reports this tidbit)

(and I totally wanted to do a 'Marion Berry or Obama, which was smoking crack?' joke, but Rep. Marion Berry of Arkansas isn't the same Marion Barry as former DC Mayor, and crackpipe enthusiast, so the joke really wouldn't work, and besides, crack is whack)

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