07 January 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 07 January 2010


This photo reveals the moment when the Copenhagen talks first started falling apart. It wasn't over emmissions targets or how best to administer a global carbon trading scheme, it was Pres. Sarkozy's insensitive attempt at humor in telling "Yo Mama" jokes about Pres. Obama's dead mother. People have been shot over less provocation.

First fart jokes, now "Yo Mama" jokes and references to "pimp slapping". I'm not attempting high brow trenchant political commentary folks.

(I should get some bonus points for putting some actual "Yo Mama" jokes on Sarkozy's piece of paper, though)

(bonus points should also be awarded to Pres. Obama for knowing the proper back of the hand technique for delivering a pimp slap, surprising considering he grew up in Hawaii, I guess he watched plenty of Blaxploitation pictures as a kid)

(original unaltered photo, here)

(as usual, used without permission, and in my case, at least I'm not trying to sell coats)

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