05 December 2009

Your Daily Photo (Have a Cold One, on Me Edition)


And when I say on me, I mean in spirit only, of course, pay for your booze your own damn self.

Taken at the Lucky Strike at LA Live, decided to over pay for lunch over there rather than at the Convention Center itself. It's a nice change of pace having multiple quality food choices right next door.

May look like a nice, dim lit, and quiet bar, but there was a loud office party going on just to the left of this view. Booze and bowling pins do strange things to folks.

I had a cheeseburger, ordered it rare, and to my surprise, that's exactly the way it came (I order rare, expecting medium to be what's served), assuming I don't come down with food poisoning of some kind, a very satisfying meal.

As far as the shooting at the Auto Show, spent many hours, and used up both batteries I brought, but after about seven hours there and at LA Live, I was ready to call it a day, any way. Missed Government Motors completely, didn't see anything they had that interested me, and I guess I'm making a political statement by not shooting their taxpayer subsidized crap (did shoot Chrysler though, so I'm not too consistent). I'll probably go back again, pick up what I missed, and may use the zoom lens next time more and take more surreptitious candid shots of the various folks walking around, rather than focusing on the automobiles. Or not, there's a fine line between capturing a scene and being an intrusive perv.

The show seemed a bit low key, but there were still quite a few concept cars and debuts, so it's still a big event, and it has to be one of the most photographed annual events in Los Angeles, so if you don't like my shots, I'm sure you can find someone elses to enjoy (saw some really nice camera equipment mixed in with the point and shoots and celphone cameras).

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