31 December 2009

Your Daily Photo (2009 Ends, Not With a Bang, But a Hummingbird Edition)


This sucker was pretty camera shy. First spotted in my front yard as I pulled into my driveway, jumped out with my camera, but the itty bitty bird flitted away.

Later, spotted this shy hummer in the backyard, but it stayed about 25 feet away, and about 35 feet up, so best I could do is this shot that's a blow up of a small section of the original frame.


Trooper York said...

Hey you should never put a photo of a hummer on the internet.

She might want to be Miss America someday.

No fair.

XWL said...

That's why all hummers should be photographed, it would be a sort of "I am Spartacus" sort of deal.

If every hot chick has pictures of herself enjoying her early twenties in the manner that hot chicks usually do enjoy their early twenties, then nobody can pretend to be shocked when they see visual evidence of perfectly normal sexual activity.