15 December 2009

Best of the 00s, 2000 Films Edition

Only a few days left, so time to tackle the best of the 00s, Film, TV, and Music, three in each category should be sufficient.

2000 Films.

First up, the dishonorable mentions, films that back them seemed kind of interesting, but on repeated viewings, or attempted viewings, don't hold up. Dancer in the Dark/Requiem for a Dream/Quills/Traffic, all a bunch of self-important, depressing crap revelling in human misery, best left un-rewatched. Next up, honorable mentions, films just outside the top three. American Psycho, High Fidelity, Gangster No.1, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon are all worth a look if they show up on cable, but not necessary to have in your film collection.

Now, the three most essential films of 2000 (not in order of merit)

Battle Royale
Insane, kinetic, exploitative, violent, and maybe even just a touch thought provoking. It's hyperviolence, done right. I'm amazed there hasn't been a Hollywood remake of this yet (NewLine announced, then killed one a few years ago).

Best In Show
One of the most rewatchable films ever made. Still the blue ribbon winner amongst Christopher Guest made 'mockumentaries' (though not the best one he participated in, that remains This is Spinal Tap). There's something new to see each time you rewatch this, and the humor as outrageous as it is at times, seems purely organic, and true to the characters as they are presented. Could have easily been mean spirited and arch, but instead it's sweet, and true, though more than a bit exaggerated.

Almost Famous
A perfect film, there's not much more to say. Cameron Crowe mines details from his own life and comes up with a modern classic. He even gets a great performance out of Kate Hudson!


Jason (the commenter) said...

Battle Royale really does hold up to repeat viewings. You can never get bored watching teenagers kill each other.

XWL said...

"You can never get bored watching teenagers kill each other."

That's so true. The great thing about that film, though, isn't just the violence, but the way they execute the soap opera aspect.

American horror/action films usually fail miserably developing character as they deal with the horror/action.

Zombieland was a recent film that's a clear exception, but that was more of an indie shoegazer film with a zombie plot tacked on.

Freeman Hunt said...

Battle Royale was 2000?! I didn't realize that. That is definitely on my list.