03 November 2009

Your Daily Photo (Seriously, Stop With the Christmas Before Thanksgiving, Already Edition)


Abandoned used auto lot at Santa Monica Blvd and 14th St, soon to be Christmas tree lot (can't imagine will be too soon, hopefully it's just the signage they're unfurling, cause if you picked up your tree the first week of November, it'd be a serious fire hazard by the first week in January).


Trooper York said...

How can you have Christmas in California? Isn't it too damn hot?

Trooper York said...

How can Jack Frost be nipping at your nose?

Trooper York said...

How can folks dress up like eskimos?

Trooper York said...

Besides from what I saw in LA there is no way you can have a "Merry Christmas."

You can only have a "Felice Navidad!"

Just sayn'

XWL said...

True, we have to suffer in our t-shirts, and childish looking knee high khaki shorts, throughout November, December and January.

It's horrible.