18 November 2009

Your Daily Photo (Get to Work, These Fingers Aren't Going to Pull Themselves Edition)


Of all the possible hand or finger related post titles I could have gone with, I had to go with the classics.

I'm trying to class up the joint.

Did Rodin know his sculpture would be fodder for a 'pull my finger' joke?

Does that gag even translate into French?

Are fart jokes universal, and timeless?

Rabelais (according to the wiki on flatulence humor) used fart jokes in his works, so fart jokes in France date back to at least the Renaissance. Seems the origins of finger pulling are lost in the mists of time (and I suspect, that particular cause/effect joke is primarily, or even solely, enjoyed by anglophones, haven't done the research to reach any conclusion one way or the other, though).

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