28 November 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 12, The Picks

Now that I'm all caught up with results, time for week twelve's humiliation

BS Picks:

(home teams, ALL CAPS)

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-9) over Washington Redskins (BS: WAS)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-14) over Kansas City Chiefs (BS: KC)
Chicago Bears (+10.5) over MINNESOTA VIKINGS (BS: MIN)
BALTIMORE RAVENS (+3) over Pittsburgh Steelers (BS: BAL)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-2.0) over New England Patriots (BS: NE)

All the Sunday games are divisional battles, with the Sunday night game being a virtual playoff game, given that the loser will be out of the playoff hunt. Philly will role up big yards on the Skins, and should win easily, the Chargers will likewise beat up on the Chiefs. The Bears can't be as bad as they have looked, and I'm expecting the ancient one's arm to suddenly fall off cause he has no business being a legit MVP candidate at his age, so I expect a Bears upset in Minnesota. Both the Ravens and Steelers have blown games they should have won and now might have to struggle just for a wildcard (unless the Bengals fall apart, which isn't out of the question), I expect the Ravens to bounce back from last week's tough loss, while the Steelers will extend their losing streak to three games.

Monday night is the big game of the week, with the still undefeated Saints. This is their last big test of the season, after this they get road games against Washington, Atlanta and Carolina, and home games against Dallas and Tampa Bay. I don't think the Saints will go undefeated, but if they get past the Patriots, it's a definite possibility. The Pat's are 1-3 on the road, with their only road victory coming against Tampa Bay, so not expecting them to turn around that trend in the Superdome on Monday night.

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