14 November 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 10, The Picks

BS Picks:

My Picks (home teams ALL CAPS):

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-7) over Cincinnati Bengals (BS: CIN)
MINNESOTA VIKINGS (-16.5) over Detroit Lions (BS: MIN)
Dallas Cowboys (-3) over GREEN BAY PACKERS (BS: DAL)
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (-3) over New England Patriots (BS: NE)
Baltimore Ravens (-10.5) over CLEVELAND BROWNS (BS: BAL)

I'll get around to recapping weeks 8 and 9 later, as far as this week goes, three stinkers, and two intriguing match ups. I differ with BS on the two potentially good games. The Steelers won't get swept by the Bengals, and they ought to pour it on just to prove that they are still the team to beat in their division, so giving up a TD won't be a problem. The Indy Mannings are capable of being beaten by New England, but Peyton is just unbelievable at the moment, and the New England secondary is still kind of old and kind of slow, so coupled with Indy's young recievers and Peyton's knack for playing big during televised night games, I'm taking the home team in that one.

The other three games aren't much worth mentioning, surprised FOX isn't showing the Chargers-Eagles game locally, seems like an odd call to show the crappy Cowboys beat up on the crappier Packers, but whatever works for them.


Trooper York said...

Thank God you didn't pick against the Giants this week!

Trooper York said...

Of course that is just because they have a bye week!