28 November 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 8

Better late than never.

The picks:

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-3.5) over Denver Broncos (BS: DEN)
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (-12.5) over San Francisco 49ers (BS: IND)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-16.5) over Oakland Raiders (BS: SD)
GREEN BAY PACKERS (-3.0) over Minnesota Vikings (BS: MIN)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-11.0) over Atlanta Falcons (BS: NO)


Baltimore 30, Denver 7 (Woohoo!)
Indianapolis 18, San Francisco 14 (D'oh)
San Diego 24, Oakland 16 (D'oh)
Minnesota 38, Green Bay 26 (D'oh)
New Orleans 35, Atlanta 27 (D'oh)

Me, 1-4, BS 2-3, season, me 15-25, BS 24-16

It's too long ago to remember what the hell I was thinking, but those are the results.

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