18 October 2009

Your Daily Photo (Why Do It In the Road? Edition)


Snap of a CHP officer running a traffic break to clear I-10 of some debris. Didn't really seem like the kind of debris that warranted shutting down the freeway, but people do swerve to not hit stuff, and that in of itself can cause problems.

Still, if I was stuck just behind that Crown Vic, and saw that all the officer was picking up was bottles and other trash, I'd be a bit perturbed. If he's going to stop traffic, I want at least medium sized mammal carcasses or a sofa to be the obstruction being cleared.

And if you do choose to do it in the road, please pick up after yourself...


Trooper York said...

Ponch would never had done that.

XWL said...

Jon would have, though, but only if he knew for sure that Ponch was watching.

(and I didn't even link the shot where you can totally check out the officer's "assets")