06 October 2009

Your Daily Photo (I Wasn't the Only Dude Taking Pictures There on Saturday Edition)


Seems there's always a few people out any sunny weekend at that tiny park next to In-N-Out at Sepulveda and Westchester Parkway. Some have binoculars, others bring folding chairs, others have cameras, most are there to watch the planes land, almost all the ones paying attention to the planes as they come in are males. I guess it's an XY thing.


Jason (the commenter) said...

Hiding in the bushes with a camera, looks like stalker!

XWL said...

It's worse than that!

There were children in the park, and he's a man, so we must automatically assume he's a pedophile!

(oh, wait, I snapped pictures of those kids, so I guess that makes me a probable pervert as well, nevermind)