09 October 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 5, The Picks

BS Picks:

My Picks

Oakland Raiders (+15) over NY GIANTS (BS: NYG)
Dallas Cowboys (-8) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (BS: KC)
New England Patriots (-3.5) over DENVER BRONCOS (BS: DEN)
TENNESSEE TITANS (+3.5) over Indianapolis Colts (BS: IND)
NY Jets (-1.5) over MIAMI DOLPHINS (BS: MIA)

That's right, I'm picking against every Bill Simmons pick, and I bet that'll be a successful strategy for the week. This might be the worst slate of games in a long time. The televised games are mostly dreadful, and the contests not being broadcast are even worse. Only the Sunday afternoon game might prove to be mildly interesting, the rest are easily ignored. It'll be a good Sunday to head somewhere to take some snaps, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

The Raiders will be surprisingly frisky, and the Giants will play horribly, but win by less than two TDs.

Dallas will dominate a bad team, doesn't make them a good team, just makes them a team that can beat up bad teams.

New England will knock Denver out of the ranks of the unbeaten, and it's about time.

Tennessee will finally put together a decent game at the expense of the Colts.

On Monday night, The Jets will bounce back from last week's loss, and Miami will be woeful at home.

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