29 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (21 of 22) Dead By Sunrise, Out of Ashes

Out of Ashes, from Dead By Sunrise is the first album from the side project of Linkin Park's lead singer, and members of "death pop" band, Orgy.

Not the most auspicious of lineage, yet this album does rock pretty damn hard.

Crawl Back In, above, is pretty typical of what you get on the rest of the album. There's more than a touch of 90s grunge, there's a fair amount of 80s hair metal hooks, and for good measure, a hint of 00s flavored emo, all thrown into a blender, topped with Chester Bennington's solid vocals.

It's slick stuff, but in a good way. If you've got a hankering for well executed pop flavored hard rock, you could do a lot worse than download this beast.

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