20 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (14 of 22) Bebel Gilberto, All In One

Bebel Gilberto's new album, All In One, came out last month, and it's a good one.

At this time (don't know how much longer), Ela (On My Way), is available for FREE from Amazon, so at least download that track.

It's a bit retro-bossa nova, a bit retro-soul, a bit jazzy, and it's all held together by Bebel's breathy vocals. She's better singing in her native tongue, than in English, but that's not to say her songs in English are bad, they just aren't as good as the songs she sings in Portuguese. This album respects its musical predecessors, without being confined by the genres that spawned it. It's both original and familiar, and throughout there's a playfulness that's refreshing.

All the songs go down easy, like a [insert simile here that evokes a Carioca street scene, and depending on your tolerance for dirty talk, may include references to prostitution, or if you a more PG-rated simile, a perfectly mixed Caipirinha].


Trooper York said...

Hey I don't care about the music but you have inspired me to mix up a pitcher of capirina's tonight.

Have to remember to get limes.

Trooper York said...

Via Brazil which is one of my favorite restuarants in Manhattan has a jazz group that plays every Weds to Sunday and plays this type of music. Pretty cool and highly recommended.