14 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (10 of 22) The Flaming Lips, Embryonic

...and now for something completely different, it's The Flaming Lips with their latest, Embryonic.

It's a big sprawling mess of an album, in a good way.

How messy? Messy enough to include the above song (which is charmingly messy, in my opinion). Tells you a lot about this band that they choose this as their first official video from this album.

It's rare for me to be at a loss in trying to describe what other albums and acts a particular new release resembles. The Flaming Lips are pretty unique, and like all things unique, they aren't for everyone, nor are they trying to be. There are hints of other bands, but only hints, and the overall feeling is all its own.

This album does not invite you in, it seems to exist primarily for the amusement of the musicians themselves. This is not a radio friendly (not even NPR friendly) unit pusher, nor will you be hearing these tracks selling electronic devices or in the background of your favorite show on network television.

Not that there's anything wrong with music that is radio or CW show friendly, but sometimes it's interesting to explore music that isn't.

This isn't an album I can recommend or not recommend, it's something you kind of have to listen to yourself to decide if it's an indulgent mess, or a courageously risky expression of artistic individualism.

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