13 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (09 of 22) Worldwide Groove Corporation, Midnight Sessions


More chillout downtempo music being reviewed by me, as well. Can't help it, I love me some downtempo chilled out acid jazz action.

Worldwide Groove Corporation's, Midnight Sessions is a series of standards, like the embedded Fever+Don't Fear the Reaper mash up above. You can be assured that any downtempo jazzy combo that has the musical sensibilities and sense of humor to mash up a standard like Fever and mash it up with Blue Oyster Cult and then call attention to the need for more cowbell is a band that I will endorse heartily.

All the songs on this album were previously released on Chillodesiac Lounge, Vol. 1, looks like they've been picked up by a different label, so they've reordered the songs a bit, dropped in one extra remix, and are trying to see if folks out there are willing to actually buy copies of this album rather than just steal them.

Missed them before, noticed this 'new' release now. They're worth noticing, it's very well done for what it is. I guess they went with the Midnight Sessions name to make it sound less like a compilation, and make it more obvious that these are songs designed to set a sensuous mood.

But really, at least buy yourself a copy of the Cowbell mix of Fever, that stuff is genius.

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