08 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (06 of 22) Air, Love 2

Another release from a venerable Electronica act. This time it's Air with Love 2. Their first album, Moon Safari, was one of the best of its kind more than ten years ago.

Their latest isn't bad, but it isn't great, either. Here's a link to the video for Sing Sang Sung, the first official single from the album. Soak up its mellow goodness.

The whole album is really chill. So, when you want something downtempo but with interesting melodies, this will do the trick.

My favorite track is Night Hunter, it's got a nice tempo and a bouncy little rhythm line working.

Their first album is the only one of theirs that's essential, but this album is better than many of their follow ups, and certainly won't dissapoint if you are already a fan of their sound.

This isn't a groundbreaking album, and they're still a couple of French dudes, but if you can get passed that, and you have a hankering for something a bit chilly, give this album a spin.

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