01 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (01 of 22) Florence and the Machine, Lungs

During Blogtober 2008, I started out reviewing albums, and then wimping out very quickly, but Blogtober 2009 will be different (maybe). Still have the Zune Pass, so still have easy access to millions of songs and hundreds of thousands of albums, might as well take advantage. I'll attempt to post my thoughts on 22 albums, all released within the past 20 months (since Jan 2008).

First up, Florence and the Machine, Lungs. I sought out this album after reading a puff piece in Times of London about the lead singer.

The title tells you what you need to know, Florence Welch's got a nice big voice, and she knows how to use it.

Here's A Kiss with a Fist

Now, I'm not on board with the message of this song, and I could talk about the sociological implications of all these young british women singing in praise of acts that sound an awful lot like domestic violence (see also, Allen, Lily, Duffy, and Nash, Kate), but ignoring that, it's a fun song.

Here's Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

This song shows off her range. Throughout this album they match her vocals to some nice soundscapes. This whole album is slickly well produced without coming across as cold or just a unit-pusher.

And just to prove she's not merely a studio wonder, here's Florence at SXSW from 2008 sounding amazing on a bare bones version of Two Lungs

I agree with some of the commenters, this version is better than what ended up on the album. The album version gets a bit too much production.

The whole album is great, there's not a throw away track in the bunch. She's one to watch.

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