26 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Feverish, Yet Brilliant Ideas Edition

Maybe it's the fever talking, but after reading this Jezebel article that would suggest Christina Hendricks might be free to do another series, I have the perfect pitch for her.

Christina Hendricks as SHAFT.

Now here me out, the 'origin' story for a buxom red-head playing the private dick who is a sex machine to all the chicks would go as follows:

Hendricks plays a woman who beds the aging, now in his 70s with a heart condition original model John Shaft (getting Roundtree to reprise his role would be a must), and in the culmination of their passion, he dies, but his spirit and mind transfer to Hendricks in that final climax.

So, you have Christina Hendricks running around finishing all of Shaft's unfinished business, and behaving like an all around badass. So part of the series is her being her, and her being him, and the conflict that causes. I'm confident that she wouldn't do a Dushku (see, series: Dollhouse) and not be able to pull off such an acting challenge.

It would mainly be your usual 'quirky' cop show (like two thirds of all scripted TV that gets produced currently, it seems), but having the twist of a hot chick with dual personalities at its core.

Explain to me how this wouldn't be seventeen different flavors of awesome?


Trooper York said...

Now you are talking. But since you had the idea....why don't you follow it up and have little vinettes of the continuing story of Joan as Shaft.

XWL said...

Too much work, you may take up that banner, should you wish.