01 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: 13 Random Songs, OCT 01

I'm doing this the lazy way, just screencapped the playlist, click on the pick for the full sized pic

01) I like this little song. Sounds like a goof, but it's a pleasant goof.

02) Natacha Atlas stuff is pretty damn good. It's kind of World-Lite dance music, but it's good World-Lite dance music, and that makes all the difference.

03) This is by far the best version of this song. The Beatles original pales in comparison.

04) From Goldfrapp's most recent album, they've gone from thumping dance tracks to a far more melodic sound. This is a nicely put together song, as is this whole album. Don't know if changing the entire sound of your 'brand' is ever successful, though, their old fans probably aren't on board with this, and anyone looking for this kind of sound probably wouldn't be expecting to find it on a Goldfrapp album, so it's hard to get the word out that you've changed as a band if you keep the old name.

05) This stuff sounds seriously dated. It's very much exactly of its time. Good for nostalgia's sake, but wouldn't make a steady diet if this stuff.

06) Now that's a song! One of my favorite Jam songs, great piano, great horns, great vocals from Peter Weller. Makes me want to put on some Doc Marts, skinny pants, and an overcoat. Too bad it's in the 80s today, could get sweaty. Used to be kids in Junior High who committed to that whole ska-two tone look no matter the weather. Works in dreary London, not so smart in sunny Los Angeles.

07) One of those story songs that they used to pump out back in the day. Not much else to say about this one.

08) Poor Macy, got kicked off first from Dancin' With the Stars. This is a song fragment more than an entire song. This is from The Id, her follow up to her breakout hit album, it had the unfortunate bad luck to be released on September 11, 2001. Can't have helped getting the word out, it's a fine album, though, still holds up.

09) I do still love me some Psychocandy. This album holds up very well. Still sounds fresh to me, maybe cause so many 'indie' bands are still pumping out albums that sound a lot like it.

10) This album was revolutionary at the time it came out. An entire album of samples, woohoo?!? In retrospect, it makes for a bit of a disjointed experience, and 13 years later I get the sense that all the fuss over this album was a bit overdone.

11) Marc Bolan's first band wasn't T.Rex, but was John's Children. He doesn't sing lead on this song, but you can recognize his voice in the choruses. According to his wiki, this song got banned by the BBC, cause of the lyric, "lift up your skirt and fly", it's amazing how easily you could get your stuff banned back in the day.

12) Another Nuggets track, these random songs don't always seem all that random. This is a solid, percussive, urgent song. I love these tight little songs from the first garage band era.

13) Oh man, Nina Hagen, yeah, ummmm, this is one of her weirder songs. Songs don't get weirder than weird Nina Hagen songs. It's insanity, set to a disco beat. Works, surprisingly well.

Looked for Iki Maska on youtube, but the only version was a poorly recorded live version, so I'll end this post embedding a different Nina Hagen performance, just cause I find it adorable, and I never expected to find an 'adorable' Nina Hagen video.

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