01 September 2009

Your Daily Photo (Wanna Strawberry? Edition)



Anwyn said...

Seriously, can I just come and take a few photography lessons from you? Or is there some secret knack of the D5000 that a humble D40 could never achieve?

XWL said...

Compliment appreciated, but it comes down to taking a lot of time, and throwing away a lot of shots.

I did everything wrong with that shot (here's the meta data).

Should have shot it from closer with my 50mm lens at a lower f-stop, but it came out well anyway.

Good shots are a mix of intention, and happy accidents, I think.

I've taken plenty of mediocre and bad shots, they just don't make it to my flickr page, and the shots I pick for 'your daily photo' tend to be the cream of that crop.

So, for every one picture you see here, there are maybe 100-200 snaps of total crap shots that look pretty awful.

So, no lessons to be found here, other than to learn from your mistakes, make them often, and try and make as many different kinds of mistakes as possible.

Anwyn said...

Amen, preach it. I just got back from a trip and discovered that I had managed to leave the ISO on 1600 for most of it. !!!! Thanks for the roundabout encouragement--I know all too well how right you are about throwing shots away.