28 September 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 3

The Picks:

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-4) over Atlanta Falcons (BS ATL)
Tennessee Titans (+2.5) over NY JETS (BS TEN)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-6) over Miami Dolphins (BS MIA)
ARIZONA CARDINALS (-1.5) over Indianapolis Colts (BS IND)
DALLAS COWBOYS (-9) over Carolina Panthers (BS CAR)

The Results

Atlanta Falcons 10 New England Patriots 26 (Woohoo!)
New England looked like New England for a change. Don't know that it will last, and they didn't put this away till the 4th quarter. Their defense looked good (or so I heard, didn't catch this game as FOX pulled a switcharoo and showed the Vikings-49ers game, which was awesome, so great call FOX!) and Brady became Brady again in the 4th quarter. Still think they're mediocre and will fade as the season progresses, though. This is a bump in the road for Atlanta, they're still a very good team, and should bounce back from this.

Tennessee Titans 17 New York Jets 24 (D'oh)
Tennessee falls to 0-3, while the Jets have managed to start 3-0 with a rookie QB. The Jets defense are why they're going to win the AFC East this year, not Sanchez at QB, but as long as he doesn't make any horrible mistakes, they'll be in every game. The Titans are in a bit of trouble, but they have the talent to turn things around. Doesn't mean they will, but they should.

Miami Dolphins 13 San Diego Chargers 23 (Woohoo!)
The Chargers won, but they've got major problems with red zone scoring. Three field goals of less than 30 yards is not a good sign, and will cost them when they face more potent offenses. Luckily for them, the Dolphins offense is terrible. Not much to say about Miami, they suck, but Ricky Williams looks rejuvenated, so that's something, and losing Pennington for the season may not be that big of a deal.

Indianapolis Colts 31 Arizona Cardinals 10 (D'oh)
Maybe the Cardinals aren't very good, or maybe the Colts are very, very good. Didn't watch this past the three TDs by Manning in the 2nd quarter. Blowouts aren't fun to watch.

Carolina Panthers 7 Dallas Cowboys 21 (Woohoo!)
At halftime, this looked like the second straight disaster at the Jerry Jones Memorial Edifice, but luckily Jake "the Human INT" Delhomme gifted them a few picks that turned things around after a lackluster first three quarters.

Week 3 is over, and I did a slightly less horrible 3-2 this week while My Nemesis Bill Simmons went down in 1-4 flames (woohoo!). Home teams covered in all five contests. Detroit managed to win a game, finally, but looks like the St. Louis Rams are determined to match the Lions' sorrowful season last year, they look like a lock to go 0-16.

Season Totals: My Picks 7-8, BS picks 10-5

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